Suppose you are driving along the Pacific Motorway and a flying object suddenly hits your windscreen. Or you are out shopping, and a ball comes straight from the nearby field and lands on one of your windows. In each case, one of the first thoughts that will cross your mind is the damage that has been caused to your car. While most vehicle windows are tough, they can crack, and this causes an inconvenience to the driver. When any of these incidences occur, you should drive to a repair shop to have the damage assessed and replacements done. Depending on the circumstances, there are four ways to cover the costs for the auto glass replacement.

Pay from your own pocket

This is the best alternative when the damage caused to the glass is minimal and does not require a complete replacement. The major task is to reinforce the fittings, which can be done within one hour and you will be back on the road.

Notify your insurer

Insurance providers cover most damages to your car. As soon as the damage occurs, notify them and then take pictures at the scene and forward to them. You can then ask them for a referral to their preferred repair shop where the car will be fixed.

This option is suitable when the costs involved are high, such as when the entire windscreen is being replaced. Once the car is ready, your matter is resolved, and it will be the duty of your insurer to make the payment directly to the repair shop.

The person who caused the accident

In some cases, another driver or road user might be responsible for an accident. Depending on the nature of the accident, you can reach an agreement whereby they agree to pay for the cost of replacing your auto glasses. This happens when none of the parties involved want to involve the police and the person who caused the accident is willing to pay for any repairs.

The other individual's insurer

It is also possible for the insurance provider of the person who caused the damages to cater for the repair expenses. Use your phone to collect evidence and then wait for a police officer to prepare an accident report. The insurance provider can then be notified of the incident and depending on the cover of their client. They will provide a solution by agreeing to meet all the repair expenses.

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