Are you in the business of handling temperature-sensitive products like pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs? If the answer is yes, you might need refrigerated delivery services. Generally, a refrigerated transportation company offers shipping solutions for products that must remain at a specific temperature to prevent damage or spoilage. But not all refrigerated delivery services are the same since each has distinct characteristics. 

Therefore, when outsourcing refrigerated delivery services, consider these three critical factors to find the right one; 

Pre-Cooling Requirements

There are some cases where products must be pre-cooled before loading into the delivery truck to boost their shelf life. That's especially true for goods that require long-distance shipping. Pre-cooling eliminates any problems during the loading process, especially with exposure to extreme temperatures if delays occur. Therefore, before selecting your ideal refrigerated delivery provider, inquire whether they offer pre-cooling services to reduce potential losses during loading. 

Carrying Capacity 

The service provider's ability to offer refrigerated delivery services is also crucial. Thus, start by evaluating whether the refrigerated delivery service provider has appropriate industry and state licensing to conduct their work. Besides, check their operational history. A good service provider should have many years of experience in this business and confidently provide client testimonies for your confirmation. 

Additionally, check their infrastructure status and whether it's adequate to facilitate efficient transportation. Most notably, determine whether the company has enough delivery trucks, which can handle your needs, freight tracking systems and highly trained personnel. Furthermore, assess whether they have invested in state-of-the-art, ultra-modern refrigeration units and technology. With all these boxes checked, you'll rest assured that your products will arrive at their destination in the same condition they left. 

Understand Your Freight's Size, Quantity and Volume

Understanding the size of refrigerated products you plan to transport is critical in selecting an ideal refrigerated delivery truck. Often, these trucks come in various sizes, and knowing the number of products you intend to transport can help you find the correct truck. Generally, the bigger the delivery truck, the more expensive it will be to hire one. 

Therefore, take time to determine the appropriate size of your cargo to avoid paying more for the unused space. Conversely, if you opt for a small-sized refrigerated delivery truck, it might not fit all your goods, meaning you must hire an extra truck to complete your delivery. In turn, you end up spending more on your refrigerated delivery transport. 

When outsourcing your refrigerated delivery services, consider these three factors to find a service provider who can meet your unique requirements.  

For more information about refrigerated delivery, contact a local company.