Sometimes it can prove challenging to discern severe problems with your vehicle's diesel engine, as some motorists will overlook subtle signs under the assumption that they are normal. Although some smells and noises could be harmless, some symptoms could prove threatening to the lifespan of your engine. It is essential to know how to pinpoint these symptoms, as it could make the difference between quick repairs or having to resort to engine replacement. So what are some of the signs that would indicate your engine is due for a diesel service?

New and unusual noises

As a motorist, you become familiar with how your car typically sounds when you're driving it. It is important for car owners to be in tune with their vehicle, as what may seem strange in someone else's vehicle could be a standard sound with yours. Moreover, knowing how your car sounds means you will quickly detect when strange noises are being emitted by your vehicle. Be wary of any spontaneous squealing and squeaking sounds, as they could be an indicator of insufficient lubrication. On the other hand, the sudden onset of loud thumping or grinding sounds could be a sign of friction between engine components. You should also keep an ear out for any hissing noises that are being emitted under the bonnet, as these would indicate your engine requires immediate mechanical attention.

Plumes of smoke

Another indicator of engine damage is when your vehicle starts to emit large plumes of smoke. Take note of the colour of the smoke, as this could help you narrow down the specific engine problem. For example, if your vehicle is billowing black clouds of smoke, it could indicate that engine oil is leaking and is subsequently being burnt off as you drive. 

Undesirable smells

Unless you drive an electric vehicle, your car most likely will emit unpleasant odours as it burns off fossil fuels. However, this does not mean that motorists should ignore all weird smells being issued by their vehicle. If you start to smell burning when you are driving, it could be a sign that your tyres are overheating or that your engine is not cooling off as it should. Another smell that should be a red flag is sweet odours wafting into your vehicle. Sweet smells typically indicate a transmission fluid leak. The source of this odour should be diagnosed and remedied as soon as possible, or you will end up with extensive damage in your transmission system. Other undesirable smells that should have you taking your car in for diesel servicing include the odour of rotten eggs, burning carpet and more.