The majority of Australian homes these days have several different waste bins in the kitchen, devoted to different recyclable materials. Most people are in the habit of segregating glass, plastic, paper and food waste so that they do their bit for the environment. However, they may not think twice about recycling when it comes to the car that sits in the garage, but they probably should. Remember, from time to time many different parts will need to be swapped out for new components and you can reduce your overall carbon footprint by recycling properly. What should you be focusing on?


Once per year it's common for motorists to change the oil in their car and when they do that, they should also change the filter. Many of these components are now recyclable and you should take them (together with the oil) to a recognised outlet in order to facilitate this.


If you're unlucky enough to pick up some windscreen damage, you may have to get this replaced before it gets any worse. Rather than sending this directly to a landfill, work with recycling companies that can separate the glass itself from the plastic and other components. This glass can be used again to create bottles and even insulation.


Over the years, used tyres have created a huge problem across Australia as they take up so much space in landfills and take an eternity to degrade. Make sure that your old tyres are recycled, so that they can be transformed into mulch for the garden, or safe playing surfaces for your children's playground.


A car battery should last for years these days, but it will eventually break down. There are a lot of hazardous components found within and you should never simply "dump" a battery in a landfill. Make sure that you swap it out for the new one and typically there is a cash incentive for doing so.

Other Components

Occasionally, you will need to replace or change another component, due to breakage or simple wear and tear. For example, you may damage the door mirror in the supermarket car park and need to replace it. This is a good time to talk with your local auto-parts recycler, who may well be able to help you out with a replacement at a lower cost than normal. While you are there you may notice something else that needs to be replaced, or may even be able to pick up an accessory for your runaround.