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Tired of Tyre Shopping? Here are the 2 Simple Questions That Make Tyre Buying Easy!

Purchasing tyres is one of those things that everyone has to go through at some point during the life of their vehicle. Whether you're piloting a diminutive compact car or a limousine that weighs several tonnes, it's important that you choose the proper tyres for your particular vehicle. Before you grow tired of tyre shopping at the nearest tyre dealer, prepare yourself with these two essential questions. 

Are Your Current Tyres the Optimal Choice?

Did you know that the tyres currently on your vehicle might be all wrong? Ask your tyre shop to evaluate your tyres to determine whether a change should be made. Tyres can fit improperly in several ways, including: 

Overly Small: It's rather common for people to purchase a smaller size of tyre to save money. However, if the tyre size is smaller than that which is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, it can cause damage to the vehicle's suspension. Additionally, too-small tyres can make for an unstable ride. Just as a temporary spare tyre shouldn't be used for an extended period, too-small tyres not intended for the vehicle shouldn't be either.

Overly Large: Overly large tyres are also seen quite commonly today. They're often selected for aesthetic purposes, but having that giant ute with oversized tyres may not be worth the risk. Too-large tyres can cause the vehicle to become unstable and potentially dangerous.

Overly Wide: Some types of vehicles such as sports cars require wider-than-usual tyres due to their lower suspension. Placing those same types of tyres on a high-suspension vehicle like a truck can be quite dangerous and could cause suspension damage.

What's the Cost Range of the Tyres You Need?

Most tyre shops will offer at least a pair of price options. Even if your chosen tyre shop specialises in just one brand, for example Toyo tyres, they'll typically have a range of price points in your tyre size. Just as you have the choice between posh and plain clothing, you can opt for the most costly or the cheapest of tyres. If you opt for the posh tyres, make sure that you're aware of why they cost more. Some things to consider include:

  • Do the more costly tyres have a longer warranty?
  • Are the treads on the more costly tyres different (and superior?)
  • Is the composition of the more costly tyres different, and if so, are the materials genuinely superior?

When at the tyre shop, remember that a reputable dealer will strive to keep you as a satisfied customer. Don't hesitate to make the simple inquiries that will make your tyre-buying experience much less tiresome. It takes just a few minutes to ask the questions above, and you'll have the benefit of knowing your tyres are safe and trustworthy as a result. Contact companies like O'Neills Tyres to learn more.

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